SARVODAYA Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
Botanical Name Common Name Sanskrit Name
Vitex Negundo Five Leaved Chaste Tree or Verbanaceae Nirgundi  

Medicinal uses:
This herb is acrid, bitter, heating, astringent, stomachic, cephalic, anthelmintic and useful in treatment of leucoderma, inflammations, eye diseases, spleen enlargement, bronchitis, asthma, biliousness, painful teeth- ing of children etc. It has germicidal properties. Vitex Negundo is easily digestible and can cure morbid vata and kapha. This is used in arthritis, cephalgia, otalgia, glandular and rheumatic swellings, intestinal worms, skin diseases, nervous disorders and leprosy.

Home remedies:
Its decoction should be used along with Pippali and Vacha in cold. In pneumonitis a part of swarasa of its leaves is beneficial when taken along with Pippali. Its paste on affected area works as an effective painkiller and is anti-inflammatory.