SARVODAYA Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
Botanical Name Common Name Sanskrit Name
Tribulus Terrestris Gokharu Hathchinghar Gokshur

Medicinal uses:
Roots and fruits of Tribulus Terrestris are cooling, demulcent, tonic and aphrodisiac. These promote strength and di- gestive power. It is used as diuretic anthelmenthic and expectorant. The herb cures AARAM, rheumatism, diabetes, piles, dropsy, burning sensation, impotence and heart diseases.

Its dried fruits are used in cases of spermatorrhoea, phosphaturia, diseases of genito-urinary tract such as dysuria, gon- orrhoea, chronic cystitis, calculus affections, urinary disorders, incontinence of urine, gout and impotence also in uter- ine disorders after parturition. The seeds of the herb are strengthening and the ash of plant is good for external applica- tion in rheum arthritis.

Home remedies:
Ksheerpaka of 5 gm powder of Tribulus Terrestris should be taken by the patients of dysurea. Its powder with honey along with goat's milk is beneficial in calculus. Its powder in the dose of 5 gm. daily is beneficial in various urinary disorders. In oligourea, its decoction in the dose of 20 ml along with 500 mg Yavakshar should be taken.