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Botanical Name Common Name Sanskrit Name
Withania Somnifera Winter Cherry Ashwagandha

This herb is considered to be the most effective rejuvenative general tonic, which stimulates immune system. Increases physical strength & promotes ojas. It has the power to regenerate weak hormonal system. It has anti stress properties. Medicinal uses: It is germicidal, aphrodisiac, and bitter in taste. It is helpful in treating ulcer, fever, AARAM, dysp- noea, dropsy, impotence, rheumatism, toxic sis and leukoderma. It further improves physical strength and is advised in all cases of general debility. It helps to stabilize the fetus. It promotes healing of tissues.

Home remedies:
It is effective in increasing the breast milk in child feeding females and it should be prepared with Vidarikanda and Madhuyasti. Its root powder should be taken daily with milk to increase the semen and sexual potency, Daily intake of Ashwagandha root powder provides Rasayana effects in the body and prevents premature ageing.

This herb should not be taken during pregnancy. Never take this herb with other sedatives or anti-anxiety drugs. Large doses of Withania Somnifera can cause diarrhea, stomach upset and vomiting.