SARVODAYA Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
Botanical Name Common Name Sanskrit Name
Saraca Asoca Saraca Indica Ashoka Ashoka or Ganhapushpa

Medicinal uses:
It is a diuretic tonic, cooling, aphrodisiac and its dried fruits are used in cases of spermatorrhoea, phosphaturia, and diseases of genito-urinary tract such as dysuria, gonorrhoea, chronic cystitis, calculus infections, uri- nary disorders, gout and impotence. The seeds give strength and the ash of this herb is good for external application in rheum arthritis.

Home remedies:
Bark powder is taken in all types of abnormal discharges from vagina in women. Ksheerapaka is also beneficial in uterine disorders, pain, urinary calculus etc. If in pain, paste of bark should be applied on that site.