SARVODAYA Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
Botanical Name Common Name Sanskrit Name
Emblica Officinalis Phyllanthus Emblica Amla Aavla Amalaki

Amla is perhaps the single most often mentioned herb in the Caraka Samhita – a century old text. It is a powerful rejuve- nating herb. Its fruit has the highest content of vitamin C of any natural substances in nature. It promotes reproductive flu- ids and is very useful in treating ulcers and hyperacidity. Stud- ies indicate that naturally occurring vitamin C is ten times beneficial to the body than synthetic vitamins. The Vitamin C content of amla is between 625 mg – 1814 mg per 100 grams. It increases red blood cell count and haemoglobin. The dried fruit reduced cholesterol levels, indicating that Emblica Offi- cinalis is safe to consume on a long term basis. It reduces un- wanted fat because it increases total protein levels, reduces cholesterol also cholesterol induced atherosclerosis (Obstruction of the arteries), making it a useful natural prod- uct to fight obesity.

It reduces or eliminates the risk of environmental pollutants, reduces unwanted fat, cures ulcers, prevents cancer, detoxifies the body, regulates digestion, promotes metabolic function.