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Neem & Mint Face Pack (Cleansing & Cool) + Aloe Vera Juice with Rose & Kewra
 Neem will help your skin get rid of the daily build up of toxins under- neath your skin. At the same time, it will get rid of bacteria, germs and dirt embedded in your skin. To give it a healthy glow, neem products also helps open the clogged pores of your skin due to sunburn and dirt. While mint and neem extract are good anti septic and anti bacterial, Mint is an excellent skin cleanser. Our mint mask in combination with neem extract soothes skin, cures infections, itching etc. Neem is also good for acne and pimples. Our face mask is best in herbal neem prod- ucts.

At the same time you can use this Neem face pack/Mint mask to gently exfoliate your skin. Neem is one of the most effective herbs in curing any kind of rashes or bacterial growth. It helps to detoxify the skin. Herbal neem benefits for skin care are enormous. Tree Turmeric helps to eliminate toxins from the skin while Campher will cool your skin.

Key Ingredients:
Neem, Mint, Lemon, Basil, Sandal, Fullers Earth,Fenu Greek,Neem, Rose Petals, Suhaga, Maghedha,Chironji, Sea Foam, Berberis Aristata, Brassica Compestris.

Aloe Vera Juice with Rose Water & Kewra Water.
An all natural Aloe Vera juice with Rose and Kewra extracts to add with Neem and Mint Face Mask. It helps revitalise skin and feel rejuve- nated. Aloe Vera, Rose has many healing and therapeutic properties. Usage: Take 5 gms or as required of mix Face Mask and mix it with Aloe Vera juice. Make a thick paste. Apply a thin layer all over your face, neck, shoulders and chest area. Leave on at least for roughly 10-15 minutes. Splash with water and then gently scrub to exfoliate. Rinse off. Neem Mint face pack can also be used as Body mask and can be applied all over the body.