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Sandalwood & Almond Face Mask + Aloe Vera Juice with Rose & Kewra Water.
Rich nourishing calm Sandal & Almond Mask. Sandalwood and Almond has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years to heal the skin, clear clogged pores and tighten pores. It lightens the marks on the face and removes burns. Sandalwood and Almond skin care mask nourishs, relaxes and repairs the pigmented skin. This facial mask is an anti-septic, helps to cure sun burns and wounds. It will help you to get rid of toxins in your skin and make it clear, soft and youthful. Sandalwood facial and almond mask is time tested for centuries in nourishing and soothing the skin.

Key Ingredients:
Sandalwood, Almond, Lemon, Fullers Earth,Fenu Greek,Neem, Rose Petals, Suhaga, Maghedha,Chironji, Sea Foam, Berberis Aristata, Brassica Compestris.

Aloe Vera Juice with Rose Water & Kewra Water
An all natural Aloe Vera juice with Rose and Kewra extracts to add with sandalwood beauty face pack. It helps to revitalise and rejuvenate skin. Aloe Vera, Rose has many healing and therapeu- tic properties, which will keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Take 5 gms or as required of mix Face Mask and mix it with Aloe Vera juice. Make a thick paste. Apply a thin layer all over your face, neck, shoulders and chest area.  Leave on at least for roughly 10-15 minutes. Splash with water and then gently scrub to exfoli- ate. Rinse off. It can also be used as facial mask / body pack and can be applied all over the body.